Saturday, 16 April 2011

Kulu Kulu: What a fab sushi train!

I love Japanese food (well I actually love all food, but in particular Japanese food) and Kulu Kulu in London is definitely one of the best places to eat at if you are in search of a good quality, reasonably priced sushi train restaurant.  Of course it is no Nobu (not that I have ever been, but hopefully one day I will), but this is one of my favourite places to eat when catching up with friends or even when grabbing lunch on my own.  

There are three Kulu Kulu restaurants in London and I have been to all of them over the years: Covent Garden, South Kensington and Soho.  As you can see from their window in the picture below, they have gained an award or two.  What’s more, Kulu Kulu is a lot cheaper than Yo sushi and Itsu and definitely surpasses in quality, especially when it comes to their sashimi.  The restaurants are small, so often you need to queue if you go during peak lunch times, however you can also take away too.  The cost of the plates varies from £1.50 to around £3.60 and everything is completely delicious, extremely fresh and you can watch the chefs preparing the sushi in front of you. 

Kulu Kulu - Brewer Street, Soho.

 My favourites: salmon and prawn nigiri.

My husband always gets spinach with satay and sesame sauce and one of their signature cones - avocado, salmon sashimi and a tempura prawn.

During my dozen or more visits, I have only ever experienced good service and the food has always been extremely fresh and tasty, especially the sashimi.  All in all, this is a really fabulous place to eat.

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